This is Mike Goldmark. And this is the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, Rutland, England’s smallest county. The legendary Mike Goldmark, who writer Iain Sinclair described as a ‘one man Arts Council’. Second-hand bookshop owner turned art dealer and ‘England’s most occasional publisher’.
Kandinsky woodcuts jostling for space with Hockney etchings, Picasso lithographs with Gill engravings. Etchings, screenprints, lithographs, drawings, paintings, collage, sculpture. The world and its art just keeps on arriving. As Mike says ‘It’ll all come through that door eventually’.
We’re shopkeepers. We don’t care whether you arrive on a bus or your chauffeur drops you off at the door. You’ll find everything priced. Everyone gets a cup of coffee and if you’re here at lunchtime we’ll probably invite you to join us. Our best customers often provide the dessert!