The choice of these London sites is both personal and visceral. Green notes his initial feelings and thoughts on site and then researches to understand the vision of the original architects or sculptors, aiming to create a resonance of mind and spirit.

The final image is a palimpsest with layers worked and re-worked in a montage of growing locational information. Like much great art of the past, his works reward the viewer’s close scrutiny and even Londoners accustomed to these sites should see them anew: Tower Bridge; Westminster Abbey; Horseguards; and others all take on new and sometimes startling accretions which draw attention not just to the original structures and forms but also ask us to reconsider them thoroughly. As these prints are the creative re-interpretations of some of the finest buildings and sculptures in the Cities of London and Westminster, Green challenges Londoners and visitors to re-assess the familiar and to engage with his vision of our capital.

Timothy Wilson, Keeper of Western Art at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, remarked on the work: My congratulations on another eloquent series of images. The transformation of St Paul’s is remarkable. A really handsome modern version of the capriccio tradition is emerging. Eloquent, frequently beautiful, and technically interesting.


Ivan Green

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Born in 1968 in rural Northamptonshire, Ivan Green soon found his first love, that of the natural and man-made environment, the invented landscape...