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Prayer for Ridibundus (Resident, November 1974) richard-james-Prayer-for-Ridibundus-Resident-November-1974.jpg
Prayer for Ridibundus (Resident, November 1974) Prayer for Ridibundus (Resident, November 1974) Prayer for Ridibundus (Resident, November 1974) Prayer for Ridibundus (Resident, November 1974)

Prayer for Ridibundus (Resident, November 1974)

Item Code: RJ-85919
Mixed media assemblage
Date of Work
Height (cm)
Width (cm)

Prayer for Ridibundus.

Multi-panelled reliquary for a laughing gull.

Mixed media assemblage:

Black Headed Gull skin (1974, winter plumage)
Digital Compositions:
(Gull skin, astronomical diagrams, human body, dawn light, Orkney)
Small bird remains (Pied Wagtail)
23ct gold and metal leaf
Buzzard talons
Other found objects
Richard James PortraitRichard James was born in 1963 in Northampton. He has works in private collections all over the UK and US. Much of his work makes strong use of astronomical association: an attempt to recognise the greater mystery inherent in the commonplace fragments of exhausted life. He strives to offer glimpses of the unknown, to uncover fragments of hidden mystery and explore the subliminal landscape concealed by the everyday.
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