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Raymond Radiguet II jean-cocteau-Raymond-Radiguet-II.jpg

Raymond Radiguet II

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Line cut
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From the first edition, one of only 625 copies, this being one of 400 sur vélin pur fil Lafuma.

Raymond Radiguet was a French novelist and poet whose two novels were noted for their explicit themes, and unique style and tone.

Published as a series of line cuts of Cocteau’s early drawings, dedicated to Picasso with the apology: “Poets do not draw. They untie the knots in handwriting and then retie them differently.”

A line cut is printed from a letterpress printing plate made from a line drawing by a photoengraving process. Also called line engraving.
Jean Cocteau portraitPoet, writer, artist, and film maker, Jean Cocteau was born in a small town near Paris. After an eventful childhood, which saw the suicide of his father when he was just ten, in the late 1900s and the years of the Great War Cocteau began to associate himself with artists across differing spheres, including the Russian ballet director Daighilev, composers Stravinsky and Satie, and Picasso.

However, it was not until his later life that Cocteau added art to his catalogue of theatrical productions, films and writing, experimenting in pastels, prints and posters and eventually taking up easel painting in 1950. Cocteau loved the spectacle of bull-fights, often watching shows alongside Picasso, and the Taureaux set of lithographs they inspired was published in 1965, two years after his death.
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