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River Story sid burnard river story gm101002-1.jpg
River Story River Story River Story River Story River Story River Story

River Story

Item Code: SB-101002
Mixed media
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Base price $3,608
Driftwood, mixed media assemblage.

'Severe local floods, winter 2020, left a scene of devastation. Louis went to check the area. Reading water levels showed boulders and tree trunks in disarray, deep pits excavated by the force of the torrent, and a long, graceful curve of ancient, worn ivy, stranded high up in a tree where the storms had abandoned it. Louis returned with his beauty, jubilant.
"There you go Sid. See what you can make with that."

Several months of deliberation passed, before I decided to set it upright on a substantial ironwood base. By casting a large bird in a certain posture, a teardrop shape began to emerge. Two small bird characters added to the narrative. "River Story" was complete.'
Sid Burnard portraitSid Burnard was born in Brighton in 1948. Introduced to the art of beachcombing by his Romany grandmother, Sid learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature from an early age. His time at Bristol Guild of Applied Arts gave him a profound understanding of visual arts and crafts and allowed him to put his personal vision into practice.

He is now based in Borth near Aberystwyth in Wales, where the flotsam and jetsam from the nearby sea is his only source of materials. Working with found objects, nothing is changed - simply introduced to one another. His driftwood pieces, usually birds, boats or mythical beasts, are full of his passion, integrity and wonderful humour.
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