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Reponses A Vasarely
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Original heliogravure.

From the suite Reponses A Vasarely, printed in an archive edition of 20. The overall edition size for this suite is 540.

Héliogravure is the oldest process for reproducing photographic images. It was first invented in the early 19th century by Joseph Nicéphore Niepce, of France, and later perfected by Talbot, Niepce de Saint-Victor, Baldus and Klic. The process involves two distinct steps. First, in a complex photochemical procedure that creates the intaglio surface, the photographic image is fixed and etched upon a specially prepared copper plate. The finished plate is then placed on a hand-turned press, and the image is printed onto dampened etching paper using special inks. Héliogravure is praised by specialists the world over, who marvel at its incomparably rich palette of blacks and shades of gray, its breadth of tonal range, its exquisite expressiveness.
Victor Vasarely PortraitVasarely is widely regarded as the father of Optical Art and many of his paintings are held in the permanent collections of the world’s major museums. During the 1960s and '70s his optical images became part of the popular culture, having a great impact on architecture, computer science and fashion, and were designed so as to be accessible to any member of society.

Vasarely was born in Pécs and grew up in Budapest. In 1927 he abandoned a medicine degree to learn traditional academic painting at the private Podolini-Volkmann Academy. During the 1950s, Vasarely wrote a series of manifestos on the use of optical phenomena for artistic purposes. Together with his paintings and prints, these were a great influence on younger artists. His motto was 'Art for all'.
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