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Goldmark 24

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There is a feeling of hope emanating from our Spring 2022 issue – whether it is the aspirations of the artists of Abstraction Création, looking to build a better future, the humanity of the images Anthony Gross brought back from WWII, the joyful colour of Dora Holzhandler’s paintings, or the news that Coventry Cathedral, once risen from the ashes, will be celebrating its diamond jubilee this May. At what is a difficult time for many, I hope you may find some solace in these pages.


Martin Wenham is a letter carver and designer, with a background in botany and arts and science education. His work is represented in the Crafts Council’s Permanent Collection and in private collections in the USA, Germany, Japan and Puerto Rico as well as in Britain.

Philip Vann is an art critic and writer, author of several books on modern British artists including Face to Face: British Self-Portraits in the Twentieth Century (2004) and Dora Holzhandler, a monograph on the artist, published by Lund Humphries in 1997.

Martin Salisbury is an artist, writer and Professor of Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, where in 2001 he founded the MA course in Children's Book Illustration. His latest book, Drawing for Illustration, will be published by Thames & Hudson in the Autumn of 2022.

Julian Francis is a writer and collector. For Fleece Press, he has previously authored Tom Chadwick and the Grosvenor School of Modern Art (2013). His latest publication, My Brush is My Sword: Anthony Gross, War Artist, also published by Fleece Press, will be available from June 2022.

Mike Dodd is an internationally renowned potter and long-time friend of the late Richard Batterham. Over many years he amassed a sizeable collection of Batterham's work, to aid and inspire his own practice, which was recently sold by Goldmark.

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