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Phil Rogers - A Portfolio Phil Rogers - A Portfolio Phil Rogers - A Portfolio Phil Rogers - A Portfolio Phil Rogers - A Portfolio

Phil Rogers - A Portfolio

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First edition hardback with wrap cover
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Rogers, Phil
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First edition hardback with wrap cover
Phil Rogers’ pots inspire ceramic artists and collectors around the world. In this Goldmark publication, Rogers pulls together the sources which have fed his creativity over the years, sharing with us his delight in different pots throughout the ages. With over 120 colour photographs, Rogers highlights the links between his own work and those selected pieces he most admires; from the elegant stoneware of Medieval Europe to the honest, unpretentious quality of the Korean potting tradition. Separate chapters on the oil, salt and wood kilns give insight into the techniques required to produce certain colours and textures, as well as into the thought processes and challenges unique to each method. Whilst Rogers pays homage to his predecessors throughout the book, his own importance as influencer and innovator is addressed by the four contributor essays included in the final section. This portfolio is for anyone interested in what lies behind the beauty of these pots and what makes them such a pleasure to handle and use.
Phil Rogers PortraitPhil Rogers was born in Newport, Gwent in 1951. He attended Newport and Swansea Colleges of Art and had originally intended to become a painter. While still at college in the early 1970s Rogers and a friend taught themselves to throw. Their only guidance came from Bernard Leach’s A Potter’s Book and their throwing practice came in the form of competitions to see who could produce the biggest pot.

Rogers has written respected books on ash glazes, throwing techniques and salt glazing. He has run workshops and lectured all over the world, most notably in South Korea and the USA and his work is held in more than 50 museums worldwide. In 2011 Rogers won the prestigious Vasefinder International prize for the best vase in the world.
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