Yohen Epigraphy Vase ken-matsuzaki_565-1.jpg
Yohen Epigraphy Vase Yohen Epigraphy Vase Yohen Epigraphy Vase Yohen Epigraphy Vase Yohen Epigraphy Vase Yohen Epigraphy Vase Yohen Epigraphy Vase

Yohen Epigraphy Vase

Item Code: CER-KM-565-s
Natural ash glaze
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Date of Work
Base price $2,802
Natural ash glaze

Yohen, which translates as changed by the fire/flame or kiln change, refers to changes that happen in the kiln during firing, causing the glaze to run. The build up of ash on the floor of the kiln and the natural glazing process that occurs because of it result in Yohen pots in deep browns, blues & reds.

Epigraphy is the study and interpretation of ancient inscriptions recorded on hard or durable material. The term is derived from the Classical Greek epigraphein to write upon, incise and epigraphē inscription.

Handbuilt, using the coiling technique. The ash covered ledges on the incised surface are reminiscent of a craggy mountain side.

Accompanied by a signed, made to measure box
Ken Matsuzaki PortraitKen Matsuzaki was born in 1950 in Tokyo. Growing up Matsuzaki’s life was filled with art and culture and his family’s influence began to show when, around the age of 16, Matsuzaki developed an interest in ceramics. In 1972, after graduating from Tamagawa University’s College of Arts, he began a 3 year apprenticeship with (National Living Treasure) Tatsuzo Shimaoka.

Nearing the end of his apprenticeship Matsuzaki asked Shimaoka if he would consider extending it for another 2 years, whilst he learned to develop his own style, and began creating his own motifs and palette of glazes that he would use for the next 15 years. Today, Matsuzaki has exhibited widely in Japan, America and the UK and his work is held in major galleries worldwide.
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