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Sake Set Sake Set Sake Set Sake Set Sake Set Sake Set Sake Set

Sake Set

Item Code: CER-LH-1725-s
Faceted form. Poured oribe & iron decoration
Date of Work
Height (cm)
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Faceted form. Poured oribe & iron decoration.

Produced during a residency in Mashiko, Japan. Made with Japanese clay and fired in Ken Matsuzaki's gas fired Oribe kiln

The collective term for sake vessels, be they cups, bottles or sets, is Shuki.

The tokkuri (flask) is generally bulbous at the base, narrowing to a slender neck. This narrow neck retains the heat of warmed sake, which is heated by standing the sake filled flask in a pan of hot water. There are 3 traditional types of sake cup. Sakazuki which are shallow open mouthed bowls, often used on ceremonial occasions such as weddings. Guinomi, larger than Sakazuki and used as a less formal cup from which to drink sake and finally Ochoko, also larger than Sakazuki, but smaller than a gunomi, they tend to be wider at the mouth than the base. Nowadays, the name ochoko is often interchangeable with the term guinomi.
Lisa Hammond PortraitAfter completing a 1 year foundation course and a 3 year diploma in ceramics at Medway College of Art, Lisa Hammond set up her first pottery in 1980. Aged only 23 she spent the next 5 years establishing Greenwich Pottery Workshop in London. In 1982 as a teacher at Goldsmith’s College Hammond was able to introduce soda glaze into her work, its pitted texture still a feature of her pots today.

As well as exhibiting all over the UK, Hammond has had several very successful shows in Japan. She spent 9 months in Sydney, Australia and has held teaching posts at Goldsmith’s College and Camberwell College of Art. She has been elected member of the Craft Potter’s Association and had her work shown in the National Gallery, London and The Tate, Liverpool.
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