Tailleur de ratine verte et velours noir. Gilet de taffetas fraise barbier-Tailleur-de-ratine-verte-et-velours-noir-Gilet-de-taffetas-fraise.jpg

Tailleur de ratine verte et velours noir. Gilet de taffetas fraise

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Journal des Dames et des Modes
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The Journal des Dames et des Modes lasted only two years (the first issue appeared on 1 June 1912 and the last on 1 August 1914). This stylish periodical was issued regularly three times a month, and ceased publication upon the outbreak of the First World War. With its expensive layout, its society columns, its poetic texts, its colourful annotations and its fashion reports, it represented the last brilliant refined, impartial and aestheticizing impulse of a happy and optimistic society occupying the centre stage of the stage in the period that has aptly been called the 'belle époque'.

It was essentially the testimony, the history illustrated, or rather 'clothed' and narrated of the the customs, ideas, and ideals of a society and a period. Every issue carefully reviewed all the current novelties of fashion and every issue carried coloured stencil prints reproducing the latest conceptions of the fashion designers.

The artistic contributions included the works of some outstanding artists and many promising young ones. Most frequent in his appearance and outstanding for the quality of his illustrations was George Barbier. Other artists included Léon Bakst, Bernard Boutet de Monvel, Umberto Brunelleschi, Robert Dammy, Charles Martin and many more.
George Barbier portraitBorn in Nantes, Barbier held his first exhibition in 1911 and established himself as a leading figure in Paris as a designer of theatre and cinema costumes and an illustrator of books and haute couture fashion. His better known work includes costumes for Rudolph Valentino in the film Monsieur Beaucaire and set designs at the Folies-Bergère, as well as illustrations for works by Baudelaire, Gautier, Verlaine and contemporary authors.

Barbier’s illustrations and pochoir prints from the 1920s are widely considered to epitomise the spirit of Art Deco and Jazz Age Paris with their combination of diverse influences such as Orientalism, Aubrey Beardsley, classical Greek vase decorations and 18th century French paintings. He died in 1932 at the zenith of his artistic career, with regular contributions to L’Illustration magazine.
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