Oliver Bancroft Somewhere Else Exhibition of Paintings 2021

4 Sep 2021 to 3 Oct 2021

Oliver Bancroft | Somewhere Else | Exhibition of Paintings Exhibition Walk-Through Broadcast on Friday 3rd September at 7pm on...

Art & Ceramics (Visiting the Gallery)

On permanent display

Visiting Us The gallery is currently open to visitors by appointment only. We continue to take online orders and orders over the phone...


Koichiro Isezaki Ceramics Exhibition

25 Sep 2021 to 17 Oct 2021

Koichiro Isezaki | Ceramics Exhibition Exhibition Walk-Through Broadcast on Friday 24th September on goldmark.tv.Exhibition monograph and documentary film will also be available. Koichiro Isezaki (b. 1974) is one of the...

Anthony Gross Exhibition of Paintings and Etchings

23 Oct 2021 to 21 Nov 2021

Anthony Gross | Paintings and Prints Exhibition Walkthrough Broadcast on Friday 22nd October on goldmark.tv.Exhibition monograph with essay by Julian Freeman will also be available. Long considered the doyen of...


Graham Boyd Paintings Exhibition 2021

31 Jul 2021 to 29 Aug 2021

Ken Matsuzaki Ceramics Exhibition 2021

24 Jul 2021 to 29 Aug 2021

Richard James Assemblages Exhibition 2021

26 Jun 2021 to 24 Jul 2021

Mike Dodd Ceramics Exhibition

29 May 2021 to 20 Jun 2021

George Large Painting Exhibition

15 May 2021 to 30 May 2021

Henri Matisse Exhibition

2 Apr 2021 to 23 Apr 2021

Akiko Hirai Ceramics Exhibition

26 Mar 2021 to 11 Apr 2021

Chawan: The Joy of the Teabowl

5 Mar 2021 to 25 Mar 2021

Jim Malone Ceramics Exhibition 2021

30 Jan 2021 - 21 Feb 2021

Robert Dawson Exhibition 2020

5 Dec 2020 to 5 Jan 2021

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