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Small Kore Small Kore Small Kore Small Kore

Small Kore

Item Code: JQT-s-smkore-sv
Painted Wood Construction
Date of Work
Edition Size
Signed verso
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Base price $1,801
Includes free UK delivery
Signed verso painted wood sculpture.

Commissioned in 2010 by CCPL Gruppo Industriale Cooperative, in an edition of 120 as a part of their Gift of Art scheme. A part of the commission was to integrate the company's incentives and values. Comes in a screenprinted handmade wooden box.

Published by Stamperia Berardinelli Arte, Verona, Italy.

Tilson is one of the leading figures associated with the British Pop Art movement. Drawing on his experience as a carpenter and cabinet maker in the mid 1940s, Tilson produced wooden reliefs and constructions, often brightly coloured. Kore refers to the Greek goddess Persephone, associated with Springtime and fertility and often symbolised by a pomegranate. Tilson often draws on motifs of pre-Classical mythology.
Joe Tilson PortraitJoe Tilson was born in 1928 in London. He initially began work as a carpenter and cabinetmaker before joining the Royal Air Force until 1949. He then studied at St. Martin’s School of Art and at the Royal College of Art, London where he received the Rome Prize – an award which sent him to Italy for a year in 1955.

A particular motif Tilson returned to again and again throughout the 60s was that of grids, both as a formal device and a symbolic way of relating objects to one another. The resulting squares were often set apart from each other by their vibrant colours and the imagery they contained. Tilson is a Royal Academician and his artistic career was celebrated at the Royal Academy in a retrospective exhibition in 2002.
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