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Textured Vase mike-dodd_783-2.jpg_product
Textured Vase Textured Vase Textured Vase Textured Vase Textured Vase Textured Vase Textured Vase

Textured Vase

Item Code: CER-MD-783-s
Incised. Two ash glazes
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Base price $999
Incised. Two ash glazes

Glazes made with ash have been used for over 3000 years. Most commonly the ash used comes from burnt wood logs, with different tree species offering subtle variations of colours from dark browns and olives through to lighter pale greens.

After being cleaned of harmful chemicals the wood ash is mixed with water and other materials to form a glaze mixture to be applied to pots before firing. This glaze mixture then melts under the heat of the kiln, combining with silica – an oxide found naturally in sand and quartz – in the clay to form a glassy surface on the pot.
Mike Dodd PortraitMike Dodd was born in 1943 in Sutton, Surrey. While in the village of Corfe Castle, on his way to a teashop with his parents, the young Dodd spotted a potter at work. He stopped, mesmerised by what he saw. The image of that potter burnt itself into my mind, and according to my mother’s later account I bored them rigid, talking excitedly about everything this white coated magician had done.

Dodd has a strong commitment to animal welfare, conservation and environmental issues. He has held workshops at Landshut College for Ceramics in Germany and the Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry, India. He has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and his work is held in collections at the V&A, British Crafts Council and Ulster Museum, Belfast.
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