Männlicher Kopf (Head of a Man) crodel-Männlicher-Kopf-(Head-of-a-Man).jpg

Männlicher Kopf (Head of a Man)

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The art magazine Kündung ranks among the most ambitious projects of German Expressionism, combining striking imagery with hand-cut typography. The quality of the impressions and an extraordinarily low print run of just 200 made Kündung the foremost publication of its kind.

It heralded a new age of Expressionist art and aimed to reinvigorate contemporary culture through a fusion of the figurative and the abstract. Having premiered in January of 1921, it ran for just twelve issues. This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these extraordinary prints.
Charles Crodel PortraitCharles Crodel, (1894-1973) was a German painter, lithographer and stained glass maker. Born in Marseille, he spent his childhood in France. After WWI, he studied archaeology in Jena, Germany and then in 1927, he taught printing and monumental paintingbecame professor for painting and graphic art at the Halle School of Arts and Crafts. In 1933, he lost his job due to the Nazi dictatorship. After the end of WWII, he worked as a professor at the Academy of Industrial Design Halle-Burg Giebichenstein and at the College of Applied Art in Dresden.

Numbers of his paintings and prints found their way to the US with refugees fleeing the war and while many of his mural were destroyed, his stained glass can still be found in many of the churches in Frankfurt.
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