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Ron King | Film Documentary | Alphabets, Bandits & Collaborations
Film Premiere
55 Minute Documentary
When a young boy sees a photo of the decapitated head of notorious Brazilian bandit Lampiгo in a book, it becomes an obsession and inspires him to create incredible multifaceted artworks in a life time journey that takes him from Brazil, to England, Canada and the United States as he struggles to have his work recognised and accepted.

Ron King has had an artistic life that spans a multi faceted and inspiring 60 years. His iconographic work is marked by a distinctive, fresh and often pioneering approach. As an artist his work can’t be pinned down by genre but it does have an approach that is hallmarked by a distinctive curiosity, questioning and energy. King is considered one of the modern-day masters of artist books and his cut out Alphabets are recognised as timeless 20th century works of arts. The iconic status of his Alphabet was recognised in 2011 when the Crafts Council chose it for its '40:40' selection of Forty Objects for Forty Years.

In this new Goldmark film, shot mostly on location in his studio in Sussex, Ron King talks about his life and inspiration; the development of his work and the founding of Circle Press as an ongoing collaboration with other artists. The film highlights his continuing relationship with the USA which was underlined in 2002 with the purchase of the Circle Press' complete output and archives by the Paul Mellon Foundation at The Yale Center for British Art.

King also talks movingly in the film about the sudden death of his son, from cancer, aged only 15 and that of his second son from the same disease 30 years later and the profound effect the passing of his sons has had on his life and his work.

Featuring interviews with writer, art historian and critic Mel Gooding and artist, designer and filmmaker John Christie, this latest Goldmark film provides a sensitive and revealing insight into the life of this extraordinarily inventive and energetic man.

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