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2017 Review - 2018 Preview
It’s been an incredible 2017 and promises to be an even better 2018 at Goldmark, a shop like no other! The best in painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, music and films.

This year has seen a handful of successful ceramics exhibitions, featuring the work of Phil Rogers, Nic Collins, Lee Kang-hyo, 5 Mashiko Potters and Walter Keeler, the launch of Ralph Steadman's Critical Critters critically acclaimed, limited edition prints, the discovery of a small number of L. S. Lowry’s extremely scarce ‘Punch & Judy’ School Print, and much more.

We've also had some great music here in the Goldmark Front Room, including outstanding performances of 'The Sinking of the Titanic' and 'Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me' by Gavin Bryars and jazz from Iain Ballamy and Gareth Williams.

Our customers continue to be as wonderful as ever and we thank you all for your continued support and kind words.

2018 is shaping up to be another busy year here at Goldmark with exhibitions of work by Sonia Delaunay, coloured pencil drawings by David Suff, woven rugs by John Allen, ceramics by Takeshi Yasuda, Ken Matsuzaki and Mike Dodd, new books on Gaudier Brzeska, Robert Dawson and John Piper, an arresting book by Iain Sinclair and Ian Wilkinson and a wonderful suite of etchings by Oliver Bancroft, 10 years in the making. We will also be launching an exciting new website for lovers of clay called weloveclay.com. More to follow...
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