Michael Sandle PortraitSandle (1936-present) was born in Weymouth, though his family moved to the Isle of Man during WWII, an era of violence which would strongly influence his development as a draughtsman and sculptor. In 1956, after two years of National Service, Sandle studied at the Slade, going on to work in Paris for a year and teaching upon his return in various British schools of art.

In the 1970s Sandle moved first to Canada until 1973, and then to Germany, where he resides today. He held posts across European faculties as well as being elected an RA (1989) and as a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors (1994 and 2004). These thirty years saw many memorial commissions as well as other sculptures, such as A Twentieth Century Memorial (1971-8), for which he is most celebrated.
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