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Geometric Fabric Design

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Sonia Delaunay is known primarily as an abstract painter and colourist but she applied her talents and theories to all areas of visual expression including fashion and textile design.

These designs, made in the 1920s and '30s are from the Robert Perrier Collection. Delaunay worked closely with Perrier, a Parisian haute couture fabric supplier and founder of the avante garde R-26 salon.

"For me there was no gap between my painting and what is called my 'decorative work'..it was an extension of my art, it showed me new ways, while using the same method." S.D.
Sonia Delaunay portraitBorn in 1885 into a poor Jewish family in the Ukrainian village of Gradizhske, Sonia Delaunay – joint founder of Orphism – was to become one of the central figures in the 20th century avant-garde movement. Together with her husband Robert Delaunay, she developed an artistic language which conveyed the harmonious qualities of colour above all else.

It was Sonia who managed to apply her aesthetic theories beyond the canvas, through her textiles, clothing and interior design, thus fusing modernist art and daily life in an unprecedented way. In 1964 she became the first living female artist to be given a retrospective at the Louvre in Paris. She died in 1979, happy for having, in her words, ‘lived my art’.
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