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Toros En Vallauris 59 Toros En Vallauris 59

Toros En Vallauris 59

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Toros En Vallauris 59. Very rare, in an edition of 190 only, an original linocut poster designed and hand cut entirely by Picasso. Signed and numbered by the artist. Published by Arnera, Vallauris.

This poster was designed not as a figurehead copy but as "accompanying graphic" for the exhibition. Picasso plays with the letters. The letters are like windows through which we observe the bullfight. "O" shows a sun and an eye, "T" presents the bullring as an eye in which we see the Picador's pose and the Banderillio gaining the attention of the bull. "R" shows the Matador guiding the bull towards the Picador and underneath the Reserve Picadors wait. "S" shows the scene as the matador chases the bull away.
Pablo Picasso PortraitPablo Picasso was born in Spain in 1881 and was to become the most famous, versatile, prolific and influential artist of the 20th Century. The son of a painting and drawing master, he was remarkably precocious, mastering academic draughtsmanship when still a child. By the 1920s Picasso had established himself as a world famous painter and his reputation and status continued to grow.

It is our good fortune that Picasso had such a great love of printmaking. By the time he died in 1973 he had produced a substantial body of original etchings, lithographs and linocuts, which rank with the greatest prints of the 20th Century. While the ownership of an original painting is, for the majority of us, out of the question, his original prints made in small editions remain relatively accessible.
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