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Saatfrüchte sollen nicht vermahlen werden

Item Code: KK-saatfruchte-p-sp
Offset lithograph
Signed in plate
Cat Rais No
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Date of Work
Base price £350
Includes free framing and UK delivery
An offset lithographic poster designed for the Käthe Kollwitz Museum in Berlin reproducing an original lithograph from 1941-2 of a mother holding back her children who are eager to leave to aid the war (Saatfrüchte sollen nicht vermahlen werden, a quote originally from Goethe, translates roughly to ‘Seed crops must not be ground’).
Kathe Kollwitz PortraitKäthe Kollwitz is regarded as one of the most important German artists of the twentieth century, and as a remarkable woman who created timeless art works against the backdrop of a life of great sorrow, hardship and heartache. Käthe was born in 1867 in Konigsberg, East Prussia (now Kalingrad in Russia). She studied art in Berlin and began producing etchings in 1880 In 1881 she married Dr Karl Kollwitz and they settled in a working class area of north Berlin.
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