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  • Artist - Stanley Spencer - Biography
    Though neglected in his time, Spencer is now recognised as one of the foremost British painters of the 20th Century. Born in 1891, he studied at the Slade School under the hugely influential Henry Tonks, his contemporaries including the young Paul Nash, Christopher Nevinson and David Bomberg. A medical orderly in the First World War, he emerged even more earnestly and personally religious than when he had left three years before. With the end of the war, Spencer spent the following years living as a guest in the homes of acquaintances and patrons. Acclaimed paintings included The Resurrection, Cookham, canvases for a Memorial Chapel in Berkshire, and his iconic Christ in the Wilderness and The Resurrection, Port Glasgow series. His work evidenced a devout, if unconventional, attitude towards Christian theology which would pervade almost his entire output.
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