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Trailer for First Broadcast



We have been thinking about how to proceed during these strange and uncertain times, both as a family business and a hub for the arts. The gallery has been a haven where, for over 40 years, our customers have come to spend time surrounded by beautiful things. We're already missing you and, from the bottom of our hearts, hope that you are keeping safe and well. We are understandably apprehensive about the future but also excited to rise to the new challenges we face.With this in mind, we have come up with the idea of Goldmark TV Live; regular broadcasts from the gallery, seeking to entertain, inform and maybe even tempt you!Whilst no-one has yet been accused of stockpiling art and ceramics, they do provide great solace and lift the spirits (they are great to look at as well!). We wish you all the best and look forward to welcoming you into the Goldmark universe of art, books and ceramics.We were initially inspired by the fact that we have, here at the gallery, the last ever exhibition by one of the world’s great potters, Svend Bayer. Bayer has worked for over 3 years making these remarkable pots.We would normally have many hundreds of people through the door on the first day of such an exhibition and we know that people had planned to fly in from the USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark and from all over the world. We are all so disappointed that this will obviously no longer happen.However, the exhibition is in place, our documentary team is eager to make films and our customers keen to be kept involved. So we will start by broadcasting from the show, including a message from Svend Bayer and footage of him at work. This will be streamed on 12 noon on 21 March.Thereafter we hope to broadcast regularly to allow all our customers and art lovers around the world, who may be unable to travel or even leave their home, to see and hear about our ever changing art and interact with the gallery.
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