About us

About Us

'The extraordinary Goldmark art gallery. In no other small town can you gaze at woodcuts by Kandinsky and original prints by Picasso. With 20 exhibitions a year, as well as concert and recitals, the espresso machine works almost as hard as the 40 staff.' The Sunday Times

‘An art-lover’s paradise, Goldmark is jaw-dropping, crammed with originals and original prints by the likes of Graham Sutherland, Henri Matisse, John Piper, George Chapman and Le Corbusier. There are fine bronzes by Elisabeth Frink and Frank Dobson, ceramics by Kang-hyo Lee and Clive Bowen.’ The Sunday Telegraph

Goldmark is a family business. We've been selling art from the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, UK for over 50 years and hold over 50,000 items in stock.

Specialising in 20th century and contemporary art and ceramics. We also make films & publish books. View all we have to offer on our website or visit us here in Uppingham for a more personal experience.

We also lend selling exhibitions and touring exhibitions to commercial and public galleries all over the UK. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


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Our Framing Service

We have been making picture frames for over 20 years, both for our gallery and for the general public. We make modern, contemporary and traditional frames for individuals, artists, galleries, architects, interior designers and photographers. In fact, anyone looking for quality picture frames.

We have a department dedicated to making the finest hand gilded frames, employing traditional techniques that have been used for centuries. We can frame art on paper or canvas and we'll be pleased to undertake challenging and unusual commissions.

Our Print Studio

We operate a print workshop in Corby with industry-leading master printer Ian Wilkinson and his wife and assistant Jan. Ian has been printing for over 25 years and has worked with several major artists including Eduardo Paolozzi, Paula Rego and Elisabeth Frink.

Printmakers from all over the world come and make use of our fantastic services and equipment and we're always there to guide them through the different techniques – be they in stone lithography, screen printing, etching or the most up-to-date digital printing.

We even have a giant etching press which can print etchings up to 3 feet wide and 5 feet high, which we first used for the American street artist Swoon (Caledonia Curry) when she flew over from New York to print with us.

Visit goldmarkatelier.com to read more, watch films and sign up to hear about our print releases >

Goldmark Front Room

Great music from great musicians in the most intimate of spaces is what the Goldmark Front Room is all about. World class musicians, more used to playing concert halls than our tiny 65 seat auditorium, are coming to the gallery in Uppingham.

With nowhere to hide and without their normal fan base we have been privileged to witness some magical performances from the likes of Richard Thompson, June Tabor and many more.

There will be the occasional short notice big name gig. Make sure you're on our mailing list.

Our Team
Here at Goldmark we aim to cover as many skills as possible in-house, from sales and stock keeping to PR and HR, designers and accountants to printers and drivers, framers and writers to cleaners and filmmakers. Visitors to the Gallery will have met some of us, but for those who haven’t, we’re delighted to introduce you to the members of the Goldmark team.
This is Mike Goldmark.
What our customers say

Goldmark Gallery is a cultural institution. They have a great ceramics department. The staff is brilliant and always there to assist.
Highly recommended.

5th February 2023

The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and really helpful, and soon get to know a buyer's inclinations! For anyone wanting to start a serious art collection within whatever budget this could be the best place to start.

18th July 2022

There is no other gallery like Goldmark. I'm always amazed at both the stock they hold and their ability to regularly source really quite special pieces of art. That, with their friendly, knowledgeable & utterly unpretentious style makes them a delight to visit & to buy from.

16th April 2022

Their exhibitions are always prepared with great care, with videos and catalogs accompanying the shows. I have not been able to visit the gallery in person but all the Goldmark team is splendid and highly professional, which makes the virtual shopping a great experience.

16th April 2022

Always friendly and helpful staff with an amazing ever changing gallery of wonderful art and studio pottery! Would highly recommend a visit! 

14th April 2022

Great pots, exquisitely displayed, expertly packed and shipped all over the world! The storytelling about potters and their methods has been extremely helpful, Goldmark is fabulous!

7th April 2022