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Christopher P Wood Landscape Reimagined 2022


We are always delighted to host an exhibition by Christopher P Wood. This will be the third major show of his paintings at the gallery, each one attracting a host of new admirers for Wood’s magical, thought provoking and elegant work. The exhibition will open on February 19 and be accompanied by a guided online walkthrough film. A new 108 page book on the artist, An Innocent Vision, will be published by Goldmark to coincide with the exhibition.

Dr Richard Davey, Senior Research Fellow at Nottingham School of Art and Design, contributes an essay to An Innocent Vision and comments He shows us the reality of both pigment and poetry, wandering the space between wonder and knowledge, the unnamed and named where mystery exists... Wood’s paintings offer us both poetry and prose; a world where monsters prowl the bedroom and tree branches fall as patterned shadows on the wall.


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