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Clive Bowen | New Pots and Demonstration 2019


We're delighted to announce that, from Saturday 9th March - Sunday 14th April, we will be hosting our fourth major exhibition of pots by internationally acclaimed slipware potter Clive Bowen. Join us on Saturday 9th March for a rare opportunity to watch Bowen demonstrate his decorating techniques in the gallery.

With works held in prominent public and private collections, Bowen has recently had great success showing and lecturing in Japan where he has been a integral part of the resurgence in the popularity of slipware.

'There's that old thing about 'less is more', and I find it very hard not to decorate. When I see a pot in front of me and I cover it with slip, I just can't help touching that slip, making a mark, scratching through it; it's just something I have to do. Decorating, for me, is part of the pleasure of making pots. Although you've got to hold back: you make a mark, and sometimes that mark is it, you've got to leave it alone. You've got to know when instinctively to stop, and that's the trick. But I just love the gestures of slip-trailing, mark-making, the whole feel of slipware.'


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