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Nic Collins - An Uncompromising Vision 2020


The internationally celebrated Nic Collins will be exhibiting here at Goldmark, Uppingham from 11 July 2020. This will be the 4th major exhibition of his work at Goldmark.

Nic Collins is viewed as one of the leading wood-firers of his generation, continually evolving his craft, developing his firing and kiln techniques, pushing himself to the very limit to achieve the beauty that he seeks. He is an uncompromising potter who makes uncompromising pots.

Collins himself is a quiet, self-assured, self-reliant man. His pots are equally quiet, it is only when you get to know them and give them time that they begin to talk to you and tell their stories, from their calm beginnings to their frantic almost violent birth from the wood kiln. Living with them, holding and using them allows one to see and appreciate the subtle variations in form, colour and texture that are so loved and admired.

We will be open by appointment and will also be filming an exhibition walk-through for anyone who can't visit us. We will be hosting live online interviews and the exhibition pots will be photographed and presented for sale on our website. We have been staging these guided online tours of our exhibitions and artist interviews since the beginning of the pandemic and they have proved immensely popular and insightful. Sign up to our newsletter below to stay informed.

A 64 page monograph with photographs of exhibition pots and essay by Jon Cullum will be available here at the gallery or from the website.


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