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Oliver Bancroft Somewhere Else Exhibition of Paintings 2021


On Saturday 4th September Goldmark will open its second exhibition of paintings by Oliver Bancroft.

'I first visited Oliver Bancroft on the suggestion of a friend. He was still a student then, living in his mother's home, and I was (he tells me) the first person to pay him real money for his work. Over the years I have continued to buy, and I now have a house full.

In the last two decades Bancroft has become a feted filmmaker, with selections by Tacita Dean and in major international venues including the Pompidou. For me, he remains the best painter of his generation.

A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis has limited Bancroft's exhibiting in recent years. This is his first painting show in over a decade – work as fresh, beguiling and poignant as when I first saw it.

It is with great pleasure that I commend his paintings to you.' Mike Goldmark, 2021.

‘Oliver Bancroft’s paintings help to unsettle us and, in so doing, to communicate with the realms elsewhere; he leads us in the dance.’ Hilary Davies, 2021.


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