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Rigby Graham From the Artist's Home


Join us for the sale of works by Rigby Graham that he chose to hang in his own home.

‘…Irascible painter whose idiosyncratic landscapes are among the 20th century’s best.’ – The Sunday Times, 2015

‘There are few people alive who can make their drawn illustrations ‘lie down’ so comfortably on a page with type – especially when he has designed the whole book himself. He is a real graphics man, and that would nail him down and mark him out, were he not such a good landscape painter and draughtsman, too. – John Piper, 1986

‘Compared with some of his better-known contemporaries he has ten times as much to say… It is Graham and not Rowland Hilder to whom historians will turn in future years to find out the look of the late twentieth-century landscape.’ – Fances Spalding, 2003

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