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Robert Dawson | A Most Uncommon Man | Book Launch & Paintings Exhibition 2019


We're delighted to invite you to an exhibition and launch of our new book on Robert Dawson. For one day only, Sunday 10th March 2019, there will be an exhibition of Dawson paintings for sale, many previously unseen. The day will run from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm with a talk by author David Whiting at 12.30 pm.

Old dwellings huddled together within the folds of Welsh and Staffordshire landscapes constitute a recurring motif in the work of Robert Dawson. With the exception of some passing cattle, Dawson appears to depict deserted villages, devoid of life. But don’t be fooled, for this is work that crackles with energy. It is there in the vigorously painted surfaces that possess their own physical intensity. And it is there in the vision of an artist, who through tone and colour, transforms these seemingly lifeless environments into places full of character, often sinister and mysterious. David Whiting, Robert Dawson | A Most Uncommon Man.


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