Ryotaro Kato | Tea Ceremony and Teabowl Exhibition - 2019

Celebrated Japanese potter Ryotaro Kato is to host the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony on Sunday 5 May at the Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham 11 am - 4 pm. The ceremony which embraces ritual and creates an aura of spirituality is the basis of a Japanese way of life called Chado. To western eyes the ceremony is as much about art and aesthetics as religion, self-discipline and philosophy but there is no doubt that those attending will benefit from an experience like no other – many say that partaking in a tea ceremony brings equilibrium and a sense of wholeness with one’s fellow drinkers and the world beyond.

Mr Kato is coming to the UK to preside and serve at two such ceremonies and the Goldmark event will be the only one outside of London. Goldmark has also commissioned a exclusive limited number of 20 teabowls (chawan) from him. These will be the only Kato chawan available during the visit and these, almost mystical, Japanese tea bowls will be available to buy after the ceremony.

Ryotaro Kato was born [1974] into a potter’s family with 220 years of history. His late grandfather Takuo Kato [1917-2005] was certificated as a Japanese Living National Treasure and Ryotaro grew up immersed in the traditional skills and culture of pottery.


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