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Sid Burnard | Sid's Curious Kingdom


Six years in the making, the wonderful driftwood creations of Sid Burnard will be on display here at Goldmark in Uppingham from Saturday June 18th to July 17th 2022.

..Sid Burnard is putting together objects that make profound, witty and beautiful remarks about life, the universe and everything. Sam Llewellyn 2022

This new Sid Burnard exhibition at Goldmark, Uppingham, has been six years in the making and follows major exhibitions at Goldmark in 2012 [his first] and 2016. This new show will feature a walkthrough film on and a 64 page catalogue with essay written by acclaimed thriller writer and children’s author Sam Llewellyn. Sid's Curious Kingdom is a show full of passion, integrity and fun, and will run for 4 weeks from 18 June. Don’t miss it.

Sid Burnard traces the true beginning of his making to a chance meeting with Mike Goldmark in 2002 who stayed in touch, and debated with him, and encouraged him, while Sid got on with life - which included beach combing. Sid's work is made from the bits and pieces he finds lying about on beaches, riverbanks and hedges. He brings these bits and pieces back to his studio, and looks at them, and adjusts and assembles them until they cease to be mere stuff and become a thing: a bird, a beast, an insect, a boat; while at the same time their component parts cling to their original state as a lump of driftwood, a toothbrush, a bottle top. This is the land of miracles, where an object can be many things at once. Sam Llewellyn

Sid Burnard was born in Brighton in 1948. Introduced to the art of beach combing by his Romany grandmother, Sid learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature from an early age. His time at Bristol Guild of Applied Arts gave him a profound understanding of visual arts and crafts and allowed him to put his personal vision into practice.

He is now based in Wales, where the flotsam and jetsam from the nearby sea is his only source of materials. Working with found objects, nothing is changed - simply introduced to one another. Sid’s driftwood pieces, usually birds, boats or mythical beasts, are bursting with passion, integrity and his unique and wonderful humour.

Sid Burnard is a merry, quirky and most amazing artist. He is playfully inventive, creating instantly familiar forms from what others would regard as debris and delighting his audience with eureka moments. His love for nature and the natural world shines out of every piece he makes. I urge you to view Sid’s work now and in the future – you will be captivated. Dr. Lee Durrell M.B.E., Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, 2022

Jay Goldmark, the gallery’s MD, concludes:- “Sid Burnard is a true eccentric and the loveliest man you will ever meet. He lives in Crickhowell in Wales and spends much of his time scouring the Welsh beaches for driftwood and all manner of objects that might eventually be used in his sculptures. I am proud that the Goldmark Films documentary on Sid was nominated for Best Documentary in the 2012 Aesthetica Film Festival.”


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