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Two Great American Potters | Exhibition 2018



This won’t happen again.

This is the rarest of opportunities to acquire work by two of the most important potters in American ceramics: Warren MacKenzie and Randy Johnston.

We have managed to source a magnificent collection of over 100 pots by MacKenzie, the grandfather of American studio ceramics. Having trained with Bernard Leach in St Ives, MacKenzie was the first to bring the great Japanese potter, Shoji Hamada to America and remains the last living link with their generation. A recent New York retrospective featuring similar pieces sold out at significantly higher prices. Our exhibition, complete with catalogue and film, opens in Uppingham on Saturday 23rd June. Pots are now in the UK and are available for purchase.

We will also be showing the latest work of Randy Johnston. Having studied with Warren MacKenzie and Hamada's favourite apprentice, Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Johnston is one of the most exciting and innovative potters working in America today. He is recognized internationally as an artist who has pursued functional expression and brought a fresh aesthetic vision to contemporary form, and for his many contributions to the development of wood kiln technology in the United States. We are delighted to announce that he will be joining us at the gallery on Saturday 23rd June.





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