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Our Late Familiars - Standard Edition Our Late Familiars Iain Sinclair Ian Wilkinson_product

Our Late Familiars - Standard Edition

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Palermo Catacombs
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176 pages, 67 colour illustrations. Standard first edition limited to 1000 copies with soft cover.

Ian Wilkinson has made many visits to the catacombs in Palermo. These remarkable images are the consequences of 2 dreams and 2 coincidences.

Triggered by a fortuitous meeting with the publisher in the City of London, Iain Sinclair accepted the kind of Sicilian offer that can't be refused and left town for the Capuchin catacombs in Palermo. It proved to be a life-changing experience of death and all of its smoky mirrors. After years writing his way out of the labyrinth of London's East End, Sinclair found himself in a true labyrinth, where all the familiar ghosts were waiting, ready and eager to dictate their stories.

Ian Wilkinson PortraitIan Wilkinson began his career as an artist and exhibited his paintings and prints in several mixed and solo exhibitions. In 1993 he joined the renowned Curwen Studio where he worked alongside the master printer Stanley Jones. The experience would prove to be hugely beneficial, Ian later putting his newfound expertise into practice working at the Gresham Press.

A chance encounter with Mike Goldmark was the catalyst for a new venture in setting up his own print studio with his wife, Jan; in 2006, the Goldmark Print Atelier in Uppingham was born. Ian and Jan have printed for Paula Rego, Eduardo Paolozzi, Elisabeth Frink and now many of the contemporary Urban artists, including Swoon, D*Face and the Connor brothers.
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