Collection: Albert Gleizes   1881 - 1953 

Albert Gleizes, born 1881, was a French painter and art theorist most associated with the Cubist and, later, abstract artistic movements. Though Gleizes taught himself to paint in the impressionistic style, he began to develop a more structural manner and after meeting Le Fauconnier and Metzinger in 1909-10 was one of the first to paint in the newly termed ‘Cubist’ manner.

Gleizes was instrumental in Cubism’s rise: with Metzinger he published the first academic work on the movement, entitled Du Cubisme, in 1912 and helped form the Section d’Or. Later work evidenced increasingly abstract styles of painting and by 1931 he had helped found yet another movement, Abstraction-Creation. His work was highly valued and he remains one of the most important figures in 20th century art.