Collection: Camille Bryen   1907 - 1977 

Born in France in 1907, Camille Bryen was a French poet, painter and engraver. Bryen was a founder of the highly influential Abstraction-Lyrique movement which evolved through Surrealism and the exploration of the sub-conscious. Settling in Paris in 1926,

Bryen lived with the Dadaists: Duchamp, Picabia, Arp, and Tzara, with whom he worked primarily as an avant-garde poet on radical ideas to revolutionise Western Art. His work is represented in numerous museums of modern art including Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, Grenoble, Le Havre, Dunkirk, Lille, Lyons, Strasbourg, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Rome.