Collection: Carl-Henning Pedersen   1913 - 2007 

Carl-Henning Pedersen was a Danish painter and a key member of the COBRA movement. Carl-Henning Pedersen is one of the most outstanding of these, and his art greatly influenced most of the members of the group. His poetic talent and particularly his appreciation of the expressive powers of colour have inspired him to paint pictures of great dramatic beauty and originality.

Born in Copenhagen in 1913 and poor, he decided to become a painter at an early age. He is self-taught, seeking from the beginning to develop his own style. Klee and Picasso meant something to him at first, but later he was drawn to Monet and the Neo-Impressionists. However no great outside influence has ever played a decisive role in the development of his style. He maintains that each artist must pursue his own course with his own help. He was known as the "Scandinavian Chagall", and was one of the leading Danish artists of the second half of the 20th century