Collection: George Grosz   1893 - 1959 

George Grosz was born in Berlin and studied there and in Dresden before moving to Paris in 1913 to develop his artistic style. Grosz fought in WW1 but after being hospitalized was discharged in 1915. Grosz was later conscripted, but in 1917 the army decided to execute him after a failed suicide attempt; their decision was fortunately overturned with the help of his patron, Count Kessler.

Grosz’s wartime experiences deeply affected his political outlook. He began to convey his hatred of German militarism in satirical images, though his subject matter was soon noticed by the authorities: Grosz was on one occasion prosecuted for indecent representations, which offend the sense of modesty and morality of a person of normal feeling. Inevitably, Grosz was hounded by the authorities and in 1933 he fled to America to settle permanently, returning to Berlin just once before his death there in 1959.