Collection: George Hammond Steel   1900 - 1960 

George Hammond Steel was born in Sheffield in 1900. The son of the artist G. T. Steel, George was to become both a painter and stained glass designer. He studied art at Sheffield School of Art, before attending classes in Birmingham and then London. The harbours and coastline of Cornwall proved to be the inspiration for his landscape paintings. These works are usually richly textured, the surface of which are carefully built up with successive layers of paint.

His work was exhibited widely; at the RA (where he had 15 submissions from 1926), RBA, RI, RWA, Leicester Galleries, Glasgow Institute (7 works) and Paris Salon. Steel had his first one-man exhibition at the Graves Gallery in 1941. His work has been bought by a number of provincial galleries, including Sheffield and is represented in several Public Collections.