Collection: Heinrich Campendonk   1889 - 1957 

Heinrich Mathias Ernst Campendonk was a painter and graphic designer born in Germany.After his studies under the Dutch artist Johan Thorn Prikker at the Krefeld "Kunstgewerbeschule", he followed Franz Marc's invitation to the Bavarian village of Sindelsdorf. At that time he already found the basic subject of his works: the depiction of harmony between man and beast, Creation, the infinite circle of life and death.

He produced paintings, watercolors, gouaches and his first woodcuts. In Sindelsdorf the artist met other members of the "Blauer Reiter" group and participated in one of the group's exhibitions. Campendonk's artwork was influenced by Marc, Macke and Kandinsky. A stiff geometrical form language was combined with colour in pure complementary contrasts to a dynamic, rhythmic form language.