Collection: Ken Currie   1960 - present 

Ken Currie (born 1960) studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art between 1978-83. He used industrial Glasgow as the subject of his early work, with paintings that were linear in style and modelled in block-like forms. In the early 1990s, Currie was much affected by political and humanitarian events in Eastern Europe. He began to depict decaying and damaged bodies, as a response to what he felt was the sickness of contemporary society.

'The Age of Uncertainty' series was the first time Currie had made etchings - an ambitious project for any artist. His idea was to create as many plates as he could, in order to see how the process worked and what the medium was capable of. Working with Master Printer Stuart Duffin, Currie produced 30 or 40 plates, from which 27 became the final series of etchings. Images are linked thematically and subjects include ethnic cleansing and the recent Gulf War - Goya's prints were also a significant influence.