Collection: Morris Cox   1903 - 1998 

Morris Cox (1903-1998) was a printer, writer, poet, printmaker, painter and puppeteer, born and lived in London. Cox is best known for his remarkable Gogmagog Press books. At the age of 13 Cox received a scholarship to West Ham School of Art where he trained for six years. In the late 1920s he worked in advertising, but disliking the job, he turned to printmaking, painting, designing book jackets, writing novels & poetry, and briefly running a shop in Sicilian Arcade selling only his own work.

Cox in 1957 set up the Gogmagog Press, resolving to print his own work in his own way thereafter. 35 highly original, beautifully illustrated, hand-made limited edition books followed between 1957 and 1983. Cox also produced colour linocuts from 1930, and painted in oil and watercolour for over 60 years. In 1994 the Victoria & Albert Museum held an exhibition to celebrate their acquisition of Cox’s personal archive of Gogmagog books and early colour prints.