Collection: Posters, Piper, Epstein, Bayer & Augustus John

I love artist’s posters. But it wasn’t always the case. Many years ago, my wife Fiona brought two home. They were to hang in the kitchen.  We take it in turns to buy art for the house. It avoids compromise and we gently educate each other.  She had bought a Chagall and a Leger. I remember wondering what we were doing hanging posters. All these years later they still hang in the kitchen and I wouldn’t be without them. Most artist’s posters are original lithographs often printed by Mourlot, the leading Paris lithographers. The posters were indeed works of art with world class artists designing the adverts for their own exhibitions. We have since built up a thriving trade in these glorious works searching all over Europe for posters which have survived. They are guaranteed to cheer any environment. I wouldn’t be without them.
The posters offered here was the collection of one of our clients who passed away last year. Many but not all were acquired from us. Some we have never seen before.  All our in beautiful condition waiting to brighten new homes.