Collection: Shaun Caton

Shaun Caton is a British performance artist and painter, who has created over 280 live performances worldwide since the early 1980s. Often characterised by extreme duration (3 weeks) or brevity (just 17 minutes), his works incorporate the installation of ancient and organic items, with the making of gigantic paintings. These works strongly reflect prehistoric or apocalyptic imagery. He studied at Winchester School of Art and Goldsmith's London, and became interested in experimenting with living art and the human body.

We are happy to announce the debut print release of renowned UK performance artist Shaun Caton. This 13 layer screenprint titled ‘First Flight’ has been built using Caton’s signature paper cutouts and shadow puppets used during his live performances and formed into mesmerising collages.  “Art is not a game, it’s another reality that we can dip into.”