Collection: Thomas Gainsborough   1727 - 1788 

Thomas Gainsborough was born in Suffolk, 1727. His draughtsmanship was impressive from an early age and in 1740, at only 13 years old, his father sent the young Gainsborough to be apprenticed in London. Despite the immense quality of his work, income from his sales could not cover the London living costs and he soon turned to the more popular (and lucrative) genre of portraiture.

By 1759 Gainsborough had moved to Bath, where fashionable and (in)famous patronage afforded him the opportunity to send work to London. By 1769 he was showing at the Royal Academy’s annual exhibition and was made a member. Commissioned to paint King George III in 1780, Gainsborough even retained special favour with the monarchy. He died 4 years later with a reputation as one of Britain’s most accomplished portraitists.