Collection: William Crozier   1930 - 2011 

William Crozier was born in Glasgow in 1930 and educated at the Glasgow School of Art. He spent time in Paris and Dublin before settling in London, where he quickly gained a reputation as the 1950s equivalent of a Young British Artist through the early success and notoriety of his exhibitions of assemblages and paintings. Crozier’s paintings are in demand at auction and examples of his work can be found in most public and private collections in Britain, Europe and Australia. He died in 2011.

There was an impressionistic simplicity to his work, characterised by vibrant colours, energetic brushwork, distilled images and formal composition, often featuring foreshortening and dramatic contrasts between dark tones and luminous areas of colour. One critic described Crozier as offering “a heightened account of nature... landscape reinterpreted through the colours of the heart”.