Collection: William Nicholson   1872 - 1949 

William Nicholson was born at Newark in 1872. He left to study in Paris in his late teens for six months at the Academie Julian before returning to England. In 1893 Nicholson married the painter Mabel Pryde and their first son Ben went on to become the famous painter and sculptor. Nicholson concentrated on printmaking with his brother-in-law James Pryde under the pseudonym of J.& W.Beggarstaff.

In 1897 Nicholson made a woodcut of Queen Victoria which established his name with the public. During the same year he worked upon An Illustrated Alphabet for the publisher William Heinemann, important in providing Nicholson with an opportunity to develop his talents as an engraver. He was appointed a Trustee of the Tate Gallery from 1934-39 and knighted in 1936.