Barry Burman portraitWhile many critics saw with the death of Francis Bacon the death of great British expressionist painting, those who have seen Burman’s work know that in his art lives on the greatness of a worthy successor. He was taught at the Royal College of Art after achieving a first from Coventry College of Art, and though his pictures were financially successful he continued to lecture at Mid-Warwickshire College of Art for 20 years.

The peak of Burman’s career came by chance in 1991; an accomplished painting of his appeared in The Observer after winning the Hunting Group/Observer competition and was spotted by Mike Goldmark. Goldmark tracked Burman down, befriended him and gave him his first solo exhibition in 10 years, with later shows in ‘97 and ’99. Burman tragically took his own life in 2001; he is survived by his beloved wife Rosy and a catalogue of powerful, visceral work.
We don’t have any work available at this time for this artist.

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