Patrick Reyntiens PortraitPatrick Reyntiens OBE was born in 1925. He studied at Edinburgh School of Art, where he met his future wife, the painter Anne Bruce, with whom he ran the innovative art school at their home in Buckinghamshire between 1964 and 1976. Producing works in stained glass, Reyntiens has completed multiple commissions including windows for the National Cathedral, Washington DC (1969).  

In 2009 he collaborated with Graham Jones to produce a set of windows for St Martin’s Church in Cochem, Germany, inspiring the documentary ‘From Coventry to Cochem: The Art of Patrick Reyntiens’. Best known for his collaboration with John Piper, with whom he worked for over 35 years, he is an artist whose contribution to stained glass, as an innovator, practitioner and teacher has been extraordinary.
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