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David Suff | Journeys Beyond Appearance


We're delighted to announce that, from Saturday 23rd March - Saturday 13 April, we will be hosting a major exhibition Journeys beyond Appearance comprising new drawings by internationally acclaimed artist David Suff. The 14 minute film 'River' will be premiered at 2pm.

With works held in prominent public and private collections, Suff is well known for his work on paper – and in particular his large, rich, and meticulously drawn landscapes in coloured pencil. Building up crayon layer upon layer, Suff creates intimate views of enclosed gardens and landscaped spaces that can take many years to complete. Each drawing explores the garden as a place of temporary imposition on the natural world; one of quiet contemplation and spiritual mystery. This show will also feature a small suite of drawings and book called A Conversation with William Blake.

In addition to the drawings the exhibition will also feature Suff’s autobiographical ‘River of Life’ pen drawing stretching over 30 feet long. A highly anticipated film of the sketchbook with original music by Martin Simpson and Kathryn Tickell, will premiere at the opening and a special, limited edition book and dvd will be available.


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